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Health & Safety Requirements

At Pretty Little Salon it is in our best interests to provide the top services along with informative advice for your treatments. For most appointments we will ask you to fill out a form - this will have all the information about the risks of the treatment along with finding out any history of allergies from you. We aim to make sure that you have a treatment fit for you along with making sure you are fully equipped with all the information you need. 

Finding out your history will enable us to determine if you are fit for the treatment you require; if the case may be you are unable, we will find the best alternative we can.


Your health & safety are the most important, so if we decide you are unable to have a treatment, this is because we do not want to cause you any harm - your health is key after all!


All of our therapists are fully qualified and trained for each treatment;

For any further information/enquiries please visit our contact us page!